How do you navigate the 21st-century economy without sacrificing your values, health, or relationships?

The What Works podcast explores work and culture as it’s lived by today’s creative workforce. Whether you’re a small business owner, an independent worker, or part of a team, this podcast is for you. Each episode explores a question—sometimes logistical, sometimes philosophical—to better understand what works in today’s economy.

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This is one of the most well-researched and thought-provoking entrepreneurship podcasts I've ever listened to. You can tell how much research and thought goes into each episode. Each time I listen I come away with new ideas and questioning (in a good way!) what it means to be a business owner in the online space. — 5-Star Review

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EP 444: World-Building a More Sustainable Work Environment with Morgan Harper Nichols

This is the second episode in my new series, "Strange New Work." Artist and writer Morgan Harper Nichols is a world-builder. She says, "Worldbuilding, for me, [is] a f...

EP 443: Imagining a Radically Different World of Work

The future of work doesn't have to be an extension of today's reality.This is the first installment in Strange New Work, a new series from What Works about imagining r...

Strange New Work Starts September 14!

Join Tara McMullin for a journey into the far future of work, and consider how we can create more humane, inclusive, and supportive work environment. The first episode...

EP 442: When The Voice In Your Head Whispers... Meritocracy

Today’s episode is a sneak peek of Work In Practice, my new 12-week training program for guides of all kinds. This program offers a toolkit for identifying the beliefs...

EP 441: Rules, Habits, and Opening Doors with Charlie Gilkey

There are rules you know about—and rules you don't. Some rules are written down—and other rules are "just the way things are." And there are rules that make things cle...

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