EP 396: Self Help, LLC: #MakingMemories with Sara Petersen

How do influencers impact the way we see ourselves, our families, and… our shopping lists?
There’s an influencer for every thing these days. Camping equipment? Sure. Nutritional supplements? You bet. Miniatures? You know it. College admissions? But of course. In this episode, though, we’re going to focus on one of the original influencer niches: MOMS.

The rise of the influencer ushered in a new outlet for self-help. Now, not only are there motivational books and talks, there’s a product endorsement to help you live your best life. Influencers give us, perhaps, the direct line between personal growth and consumer capitalism. I talk with the author of the forthcoming Momfluenced, Sara Petersen, about all of that and more.

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EP 396: Self Help, LLC: #MakingMemories with Sara Petersen
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