EP 441: Rules, Habits, and Opening Doors with Charlie Gilkey

There are rules you know about—and rules you don't. Some rules are written down—and other rules are "just the way things are." And there are rules that make things clear to everyone—and rules that exclude through their lack of clarity.

Charlie Gilkey is on a mission to bring those unclear rules and unspoken agreements out in the open and improve the way we work in the process. His new book, Team Habits: How Small Changes Lead to Extraordinary Results, is both a treatise on better work and a detailed manual for achieving it.

In this episode, I talk with Charlie about how what seems obvious often isn't—and how that negatively impacts our work environments. We also talk about how to start changing things for the better.

This episode is one part of my longer conversation with Charlie! You'll hear more from him in my upcoming series, Strange New Work. Coming in September!


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Charlie Gilkey
Charlie Gilkey
Bestselling writer about productivity, teamwork, and leadership. Author of Team Habits and Start Finishing
EP 441: Rules, Habits, and Opening Doors with Charlie Gilkey
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