EP 457: How to Define Hard-to-Define Work Stress

So, you're stressed. Or work feels intense. Or you're putting more energy than you should into manifesting a day with "no surprises."

But why? Even if you're not working on an especially challenging project or hustling to get in under a deadline, the work we do can be stressful in a sort of ambient and ambiguous way. And we might downplay that stress because, hey, aren't we just lucky to have a cool job like this?

When we think about work, we're often dealing with an outdated metaphor—The Factory. But if you work in a creative, knowledge-based, service, or caring field, that metaphor doesn't have as much to offer as we think it does, especially when it comes to understanding work stress.

Today's episode offers a way to rethink the ways your work can be stressful so you can rethink the resources you need to feel better and do more remarkable work.

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EP 457: How to Define Hard-to-Define Work Stress
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