EP 472: Speculative Investing Made Personal

Okay, this isn't really an episode about speculative investing. Well, it is. But I'm not talking about crypto or meme stocks. I'm talking about the challenges of living and working as a speculative investment.

Today's episode is a brief reflection on self-speculation, the "anticipatory, speculative self," and why the second person is so ubiquitous on social media.

  • "Verified: Self-presentation, identity management, and selfhood in the age of big data" by Alison Hearn in Self-(Re)presentation Now
  • "The Truth About Influence" by Alison Hearn in Re-thinking Mediations of Post-Truth Politics and Trust
  • Psychopolitics by Byung-Chul Han
  • "What 'You' and 'We' Say About Me" by Ariana Orvell
As always, find an essay version of today's episode at whatworks.fyi
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EP 472: Speculative Investing Made Personal
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