EP 473: Unpacking Attention Fetishism with Jess Shane

Our podcast feeds and streaming services are full of real stories of real people. And not all of those stories feel... true. I mean, even if the facts are accurate, the way something is edited, packaged, and marketed can dramatically alter a story's impact.

Artist and audio producer Jess Shane wanted to create a project that would expose some of the problematic elements of this booming (and highly profitable) industry. The result is a podcast series for Radiotopia Presents called Shocking, Heartbreaking, Transformative. Listening to it made me deeply uncomfortable, so I knew I needed to have her on What Works to discuss it!

In this episode, you'll get the behind-the-scenes on this project. And you'll learn what happens when attention becomes a fetish.

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EP 473: Unpacking Attention Fetishism with Jess Shane
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