Kate Tyson

Kate Tyson

Professional Rabble-rouser & Business Whisperer

Appears in 3 Episodes

EP 469: Building Solidarity in the Creator Economy with Kate Tyson & Charlie Gilkey

"How do I want to live?" Philosopher Rahel Jaeggi says this question is bound up in the concept of alienation. Our disconnection and dissatisfaction keep us from answe...

EP 468: Figuring Out the Creator Economy with Charlie Gilkey & Kate Tyson

It seems the creator economy is booming. Or is it?And what even is the creator economy??Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TechTalk are quite happy to advertise th...

EP 432: Queer Failure with Kate Tyson

"Failure" got a glow-up sometime in the last 20 years. Instead of something to be feared, gurus tell us to embrace failure. That failure is a waypoint on the path to s...

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