Manisha Thakor

Founder of MoneyZen. Women's financial literacy advocate, author, educator, keynote speaker, brand ambassador. Love🧘‍♀️☕️🌎✈️ Devoted aunt to 3 cutie-pies.

Appears in 2 Episodes

EP 438: Counterfeit Financial Culture with Manisha Thakor

The media give us wildly exaggerated images of wealth and consumption. And even if we recognize that a tv show or an Instagram account is more fantasy than reality, th...

EP 437: Leaving the Cult of Never Enough with Manisha Thakor

At age 50, Manisha Thakor realized that she'd sacrificed her life at the altar of work. How did that happen? And what was she to do about it? Manisha's new book tackle...

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