EP 417: [Dispatch] "All parasites have value"

"All parasites have value, Sibling Dex. Not to their hosts, perhaps, but you could say the same about a predator and a prey animal. They all give back—not to the individual but to the ecosystem at large."
— Mosscap, in A Prayer for the Crown-Shy by Becky Chambers

For the next few months, I'm focusing on some big projects and taking my foot off the gas of the podcast a bit. But since writing is how I think, my big projects spin off shorter pieces as I work through ideas. 

I'll share some of these shorter pieces here on the podcast and in the What Works newsletter as "dispatches" from my projects.

Today's dispatch explores our feelings about those who don't work—and how those feelings can create obstacles to more sustainable choices about how we do work.

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EP 417: [Dispatch] "All parasites have value"
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